FAQ's About Colonoscopy

Q: My colonoscopy is scheduled tomorrow and I did not receive any instructions yet. What should I do?

A: Call us and we can email or fax you your instructions. But remember: you need to stay on clear liquids for the entire day before scope (no solid food, no milk, no liquid that you cannot see through). You can also download the instructions for the bowel prep here: Bowel Prep Procedure and watch an educational video regarding preparation for colonoscopy at: Instructions for the Procedures

Q: If I do not eat any solids for 2 days before the colonoscopy, my colon should be really clean. Do I still need to take the laxative?

A: Yes, diet alone is not enough to clean your bowel. You need the laxative to flush all the stool so we can properly examine the lining of the colon.

Q: I have a lot of diarrhea, everything flushes through my GI system, my colon should be really clean. Do I still need to do the bowel prep?

A: Yes, you need to do a full prep, including the 24 hours clear liquid diet and drinking the laxative, otherwise you will still have stool covering the lining of your colon, and we would not be able to perform an adequate examination of your colon

Q: The laxative used for the prep is really potent, my colon should be really clean after taking it. Do I really need to be on the clear liquid diet for the whole day before the colonoscopy?

A: Yes, you need to do both the diet and the laxative. If you continue to eat regular food, the laxative will not be able to flush all the residue from the colon, we won’t be able to examine the entire lining of the colon, and you will need to have the procedure repeated

Q: If I am passing just clear fluid after taking part of the laxative, can I skip the rest of the laxative?

A: No, you have to drink the entire dose of laxative, as recommended

Q: I took the laxative 4 hours ago and I did not have any bowel movement yet. What should I do?

A: Send a family member to the store to get an enema kit or 2 Dulcolax suppositories. Use the enema (or the suppositories). If you do not start passing multiple bowel movements after the enema, please call our office (248.442.0800) and we will call you back and talk to you.

Q: My bottom area is very sore because the diarrhea from the prep, what should I do?

A: Use baby wipes or Tucks wipes (not toilet paper) to clean after a bowel movement; use Desitin after each bowel movement.

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