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January 02, 2018
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You have many options for treating and even eliminating your hemorrhoid problem.hemorrhoid treatment

Countless people deal with hemorrhoids, a condition that causes the veins around the anus to swell. You may have realized you had hemorrhoids when you noticed bright red blood on the toilet paper. It can be unnerving when this happens but hemorrhoids are harmless. However, hemorrhoids can be painful, so our Livonia, MI, gastroenterologist is here to tell you what your options are when it comes to treating this issue.

Conservative Treatment Options

In some cases, hemorrhoids will go away on their own and you won’t even need to come in for a visit. Many of the options for treating your hemorrhoids can be found in the comfort of your own home. Taking a Sitz bath for about 15 minutes can ease pain and discomfort without medication and you can do this a couple times a day, as needed.

Of course, if the pain is really getting to you there are over-the-counter creams that can at least temporarily take the pain and itching away until the problem resolves itself. We know it won’t cure hemorrhoids but being able to manage your symptoms is really important.

What you wear is also important. It might sound odd but wearing fabrics that aren’t breathable can exacerbate your condition. Opt for loose-fitted underwear with a breathable soft fabric that won’t rub or cause further irritation.

If your hemorrhoids are the result of constipation, then fiber is something you need to start incorporating into your diet. Everyone needs fiber but if you don’t get enough this can lead to a lot of GI problems, not to mention, it can lead to hemorrhoids. Up your fiber intake by incorporating more whole grains, beans and fruits and vegetables into your diet.

When to See a Doctor

There comes a time when you have to throw in the towel and admit that it’s time to visit one of our Livonia, MI, GI specialists. While most cases of hemorrhoids won’t need our care if you have been dealing with pain for more than one week, if the rectal pain you experiencing is severe, or if symptoms are getting worse then it’s time to visit us.

We offer a simple non-surgical rubber band system that will cut off blood to the hemorrhoid and kill it. It can be performed right here in our office and there is no recovery period. It’s certainly a relief to have a non-surgical option if you are dealing with persistent or serious hemorrhoids.

Do you have questions about treating your hemorrhoids? Experiencing symptoms of hemorrhoids but haven’t gotten a diagnosis yet? Then call Endoscopic Solutions in Clarkston and Livonia, MI, today.


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